About Trans Bay Cable


Trans Bay Cable LLC (TBC), is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC. Trans Bay Cable is a 53 mile direct current electrical transmission cable with a fiber optic communication cables bundled together and buried in the San Francisco Bay. TBC extends from the cities of Pittsburg, CA to San Francisco, CA, and provides approximately 40% of the electrical power used on a daily basis in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. TBC is a federally identified “Critical Asset” in the Northern California electrical grid and is governed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission.



Trans Bay Cable’s mission is to provide a safe, reliable and cost effective source of electrical transmission for the City of San Francisco while maintaining the highest ethical standards and providing a rewarding environment for employees, investors, stakeholders and customers.



Trans Bay Cable extends from the cities of Pittsburg, CA to San Francisco, CA.

Substation bus work
Wildfire Safety

Trans Bay Cable conducts annual review of its fire prevention and wildfire plans.

Golden Gate bridge on a spring day
Wildfire Safety